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Sigma Gamma Sigma

SIGMA GAMMA SIGMA “Not You Typical Frat”

Jim Grosjean,  Senior Staff Writer,  Golf Talk America Corporation

Golf groups come in all shapes and sizes, but until your golf group can boast of having its own fraternity crest, its own team hats and shirts, and its own “frat house,” your group hasn’t reached the level of fanaticism of the Sigma Gamma Sigma group at Harpeth Hills Golf Club in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sigma Gamma Sigma in this case stands for Smokes, Golf, and Spirits; which indicates in no particular order the reasons why the group exists.   Considering the name and the amenities, it’s not surprising that after 2 ½ years together, the group has had to cap membership at 36 players.  Usually around 20 members show up at 7AM for their weekly nine hole game on the back nine of Harpeth Hills Golf Course.   Pairings are made by Larry Wallace, aka the Grand Pooh-Bah.      The format is a shamble; after choosing the best drive, all four players hole out with their own ball.  The best and worst score for each hole is then added together to make a team score.

What makes this group unique is its tradition of paying off the bet with a cigar instead of cash.  These guys are cigar aficionados; try to pay your debt with a White Owl or a Swisher Sweet and you will be asked to turn in your SGS hat and shirt and shown the door.  It seems to me that this group is a tad more concerned with the Smokes and Spirits than the Golf.  After all, some of the guys don’t even keep a handicap.  Grand Pooh-Bah Wallace once had the audacity to suggest playing for money.   Needless to say, that idea sucked the air out of the room.  Sanity (and democracy) prevailed and Larry’s suggestion went up in smoke.  Some of the more disgruntled members still call Wallace the Grand Pooh.

Things are back to normal in the Sigma Gamma Sigma Golf Group now.  The fraternity “meetings” at the Old World Leaf and Ale in Brentwood are just what you would expect; golfers rehashing their games with the help of beer and a cigar.  I’ll trade you that Montecristo for an Arturo Fuente!