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Myrtle Beach


Mention Myrtle Beach to any group of golfers and you certainly won’t find a consensus of opinion.
Some golfers will begin to salivate at the thought of sun, surf, seafood, and an endless supply of fun
and challenging golf courses. Others will break out in a cold sweat at the thought of traffic jams, chain
restaurants, and an endless supply of mediocre golf courses. The reality is that Myrtle Beach can be all
these things, good and bad. The trick is to plan your trip to accentuate the good aspects and avoid the

I recently discovered an easy way to simplify the planning process for a successful Myrtle Beach
golf trip. Using the website www.mysticalgolf.com, you can put together a package that provides golf
on three of the most interesting courses in town, accommodations that fit your style and budget, all
situated in close proximity with each other so you can spend a minimal amount of time in your car.

Mystical Golf is the brainchild of Claude Pardue. His business mantra is “give the golfer value for his
money.” When economic times were good, he didn’t try to gouge the customer, and when times were
difficult and Myrtle Beach courses were closing at an alarming rate, his customers continued to flock to
his three offerings. Because Pardue continually makes improvements to his courses, golfers feel that he
goes the extra mile in serving them.

All three courses were designed by Dan Maples, and yet they are three of the most distinctively
different courses on the Grand Strand. That really speaks volumes considering that two of the courses,
The Wizard and Man-O-War are located on the same piece of property. Upon entering the grounds of
the Wizard you are greeted with an unusual site. It’s the Wizard’s castle, where you might expect a
scary butler to open the front door with a loud creak, but in reality, inside is a state of the art pro shop
and restaurant. The course is playful rather than fearful, with the best tests being the opening and
closing holes. The par five 1st hole will frustrate slicers, since the dogleg angles to the right around a
large lake. The 421 yard par four 18th hole is surrounded by water on all sides; it’s basically an island
hole. Straight is your only option here. The intervening holes include some interesting mounding and
elevation changes, if not the visual interest of the aforementioned two holes.

Man-O-War is right next door, but you would never know it by the topography. There’s a nautical
theme permeating the course which starts with a clubhouse that could double as a boathouse on a
Louisiana bayou propped up on stilts above the water. While water isn’t actually in play on every hole,
it is certainly in view on every hole. And then there’s the par 4 14 th and par 3 15th holes that make up
what is thought to be the only back-to-back island greens in all of golf! Bunkering is very thoughtfully
conceived. While still a hazard, those sand traps come in handy when they protect your ball from

entering a watery grave.

The Witch is just a few miles south of its sister properties in East Conway, South Carolina. Situated
on a wetlands wildlife preserve, the course is peaceful and serene, a description uncommon for Myrtle
Beach golf. Over four thousand feet of bridges transport you through the bogs where you might
encounter deer, alligators, black bear and all types of water fowl. The course is heavily wooded and
requires thought as well as precision in your shot making. Each hole stands alone framed by woods or
wetlands so you feel like you’re in your own private sanctuary. This is as far from the assembly line, run-
of-the-mill Myrtle Beach course as you can get, and I want to play it again and again.

As I said, the friendly folks at www.mysticalgolf.com will make all your arrangements for you. They
have packages with just golf, condo and golf, or hotel and golf, plus all their stay and play packages
include a free lunch and two beers for each player, and much more. We stayed at the Sea Mist Resort
which is beachfront and only a 15 minute drive to the golf courses. There are countless restaurants and
clubs in the vicinity. We took in the show at the Alabama Theater. It’s a family oriented production
spanning many musical genres. Of course there are too many restaurant, hotel, and entertainment
choices in Myrtle Beach to mention, so I suggest you go to the website www.visitmyrtlebeach.com to
make your choices. Done properly, a Myrtle Beach golf trip is a no-brainer fun time!