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17The Golf Talk America™ website is dedicated to “The Lifestyle of The Game”. It is far more than a golf tips and instruction website, it is also a community. The Golf Talk America™ website and social media outlets allows you to interact with like-minded people and share your passion about your own golf game as well as your golfing experiences.Whether you are a beginner and just looking for basic information to get you started or at an advanced level, there is something for you here at golftalkamerica.com.

Golf Talk America™ is an interactive and informational web, social media, radio, digital media, professional tournament and print publication based organization featuring the best from Regional and National Golf Publications, Golf Talk Radio, PGA, LPGA, LPGA Legends Tour and Web Television throughout the world of golf.

French Lick ResortOur Golf Talk America™ publications group will consolidate Golf Publications from various states into one comprehensive site. So, if you want to know what’s going on in golf around America, you can go to Golf Talk America’s website and view publications such as, Southern New England Golfer, Great Golf New York, Golfers Guide Michigan as well as many other partner publications. You can also find and hear golf talk radio shows from across the country.

Golf Talk America’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly Newsletters will be distributed through digital and print publication. The newsletter will feature golf destinations, equipment reviews, lifestyle segments and much, much more.  Golf Talk America is a member of the prestigious Golf Writers Association of America “GWAA”, The International Network of Golf “ING”, The Golf Travel Writers Association “GTWA” and many other organizations.

Our Marketing and Social Media efforts have and will continue to build a massive national database of core golfers and interested individuals for our newsletters, publications, web site, podcasts and radio shows which will further enhance the “Value Proposition” to our sponsors and advertisers.

French Lick ResortGolf Talk America™ is proud to represent the LPGA Legends Tour. Golf Talk America™ was chosen by the LPGA Legends Tour to help create a golf tournament to be held in Nashville, TN in late 2014. It will be the Legends of the LPGA combined with the Legends of Music and Entertainment in an exciting format that will pair entertainers and LPGA golf legends together for a 3-day tournament much like the ATT National Pro-Am.

Please contact us for more about Golf Talk America™ and our Radio Shows, Television Show, Publications Group, Tournament Division, Social Media and how to advertise with us at: info@golftalkamerica.com